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Report Side ButtonQuestions About Chlorine? 
In late February 2016, the Westerville Water Division put new carbon filtration system online at the Water Treatment Plant as part of a $12 million upgrade to the facility. 

These activated carbon filters are very effective at removing a wide variety of potential contaminants, including reducing TTHM levels. Because this water has been further treated (cleaner), we are finding the chlorine residual leaving the Water Plant is no longer dropping (reducing) at the same rate. As a result, some customers, primarily those located furthest from the Water Plant, are receiving water with a slightly higher chlorine level. This, along with the fact other tastes and odors have been removed, has resulted in some inquires about a chlorine taste/odor. 

Based on customer feedback and our monitoring of chlorine residuals throughout the community, we are steadily adjusting the chlorine levels this month to balance maintaining a microbiologically safe water and minimizing the amount of chlorine. 

Publication: Drinking Water Source Protection Plan
Click the link to read the report on Westerville's source water protection plan.

Water Treatment Plant Improvements
A major capacity or quality improvement has been made to the Westerville Water Treatment Plant every decade since 1970 to keep pace with regulations, meet the community’s growth and to best serve its residents and businesses.
The most recent improvements to the treatment process were completed in 2016. This three-year, $13.5 million project added a second filtration process to the existing treatment regimen and replaced the treatment chemical feed systems. The improvements were in compliance with two new EPA drinking water regulations and helped to maintain and improve the water service that Westerville customers have come to expect and enjoy.

All of Westerville’s drinking water now passes through granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. The GAC filtration process is similar to many home charcoal filtration devices. Improvements to the treatment chemical systems included switching our disinfectant from chlorine gas to a much safer liquid bleach product.

“We are proud to deliver a high-quality drinking water to our customers,” said Richard Lorenz, Water Utility Manager. “A safe, reliable water supply is essential for the health and welfare of our community.”

The improvements to our water supply were financed by a low-interest loan from the Ohio EPA and a revised water rate structure. Water rates to support this project are scheduled to increase about $2-3 per month over the next several years.

“Water Division customers currently enjoy the lowest rates among local central Ohio communities and we will continue to have competitive rates even with the projected rates,” Lorenz said.

For more information on water quality, treatment or to schedule a tour please contact us during business hours at (614) 901-6770.