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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How do I initiate utility service with the City of Westerville?

  • When will I receive my utility bill?

  • What other payment options are available to utility customers?

  • Can I get assistance in paying my utility charges?

  • Do you read our meters every month?

  • How do you read my water meter when the meter is inside my house?

  • The meter reader left a card for me to use in recording my meter readings. How do you read the meters?

  • My usage is high – can the meter be running fast?

  • My utility charges seem high this month. Can you explain why?

  • What are the current rates for electric, water, sewer and refuse services?

  • Why are sewer charges higher than water charges?

  • Can I get on a budget to pay my utility charges?

  • Why didn’t I receive a bill this month?

  • Where can I pay my bill?

  • Can I pay the utility charges with credit card?

  • Although I have signed up for the bank draft option of bill payment, I still receive a monthly bill. Why is that?

  • I can’t pay my entire bill this month. Will you accept a partial payment?