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Utility Billing

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The City approved a Utility Bill Holiday for bills due April 15 only. Utility billing resumes for services and charges for April (due in May). Contact the City's Utility Billing Division to set up a payment plan to lessen the burden during these trying times.

Utility Billing
64 East Walnut Street
Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: (614) 901-6430
Fax: (614) 901-6820
Office Hours: Monday-Friday,
8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
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NEW: Utility Customer Portal

The City of Westerville is introducing a new online service to help customers manage their utility accounts. The utility customer care portal will enable residents to pay utility bills online*, view e-bills, usage data, payment history and more.

To get started, visit

Additionally, customers can now make EFT, debit, or credit card payments over the phone without registering by calling 1 (844) 368-1114*. Check payments will not be accepted by phone.

Customers will need their six-digit customer number and six-digit account number handy when completing phone or online transactions.

*Convenience fees apply for online and phone payments. Please see the City payment options web page for details.

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The Utility Billing Department is responsible for meter reading, billing, collections and customer service for over 16,000 accounts for the following utility services: electric, water, sewer and refuse. The Utility Billing customer service office is located at 64 East Walnut Street, just one block east of the intersection of State and Walnut Streets. Our hours of operation are 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and our telephone number is (614) 901-6430.

Bills are mailed by the last business day of each month with a due date of the 15th of the following month. Your bill includes meter and consumption information used to calculate utility charges. In addition, your utility bill contains 13-month graphs to illustrate your usage patterns for electric and water service. Enclosed with each bill are a remittance stub and a return payment envelope.

How Charges are Calculated
Electric meters measure electricity usage in kilowatt hours (kWh); water and sewer usage is measured in hundred cubic feet (one Ccf is equal to 748 gallons). Electric and water meters are read monthly, and sewer units for billing purposes are derived from the number of water units metered. Your assistance in providing access to the meters is greatly appreciated so that we can produce accurate, timely utility bills. When meter reading is prevented for any reason, a self-read card is left on your door for use in phoning in your readings to customer service (614) 901-6430. When readings are not obtained, monthly usage for billing purposes is estimated.

Charges for each utility service are calculated monthly from metered consumption. Rates for electric, water and sewer service include a minimum service charge, as well as step rates for various levels of usage. Refuse service is billed as a flat rate and a senior discount is available for residential refuse customers age 60 or over. Current rate information and sample calculations are available here.

The City of Westerville is undertaking a Smart Metering program. For more information, go to Services/Electric/Advanced Metering.

Customer Service
Our customer service representatives are available to assist you with questions, issues and concerns you may have regarding your electric, water, sewer or refuse services. With the use of our customer information system, they are able to quickly look at your utility account to discuss charges, payments or other aspects of your account history. If you need to discuss options to resolve your account balance, our representatives will be happy to assist you in working out a payment plan.

You are urged to contact our customer service representatives if you suspect a problem with your electric or water meter or your utility service in general. Our field technicians are available to investigate your concern and will advise you of the findings and resolutions.

CAUTION: Touching an exposed, energized meter can lead to serious injury or death. Further, tampering with or bypassing a utility meter constitutes a theft offense and can result in a fine and/or imprisonment. Please don’t risk meter tampering: your life could depend on it.