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To dispose of...Grass Clippings

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Grass clippings and leaves blown into streets are not only an eyesore and a hazard to cyclists and motorists, but they also damage creeks and lakes, clog storm drains, cause flooding and increase maintenance costs. 

Rainwater collected in the street washes grass clippings, leaves and other debris into storm drains and then into neighborhood stormwater conveyance systems. This material clogs up the drainage system. Since stormwater is not treated, it flows directly to our creeks and waterways where it decays, using up oxygen and releasing nutrients that feed algal blooms, killing fish and other wildlife. For these and other reasons, City code prohibits leaving your yard waste in the street. City inspectors can issue citations and fines to residents and contractors who do not comply.

There are simple ways to maintain attractive landscapes without casting yard waste into the street: 

  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn (they are fertilizer).
  • Direct mowers to cast clippings away from pavements where possible.
  • Sweep or blow clippings off of pavements and back onto the lawn.
  • Mix grass clippings with leaves and soil to make compost, a soil conditioner.
  • Properly prepare leaves and other yard waste for curbside pickup by the City or its contractor.

We appreciate your help keeping Westerville's water resources clean and our storm water system flowing. If you would like more information, please contact the City of Westerville Public Service Department at (614) 901-6740.

The Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District has introduced Get Grassy!, a program focused on keeping local waterways clean and lawns green.

How residents treat their lawn matters for water quality in central Ohio.  Healthy lawns have deeper root systems, drought and disease tolerance, and are better for water quality because they absorb more rainfall.

Visit for healthy lawn management tips and resources.