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Zone 4 - Collection Status - Final Round is complete

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Side 1 Side 2

Main St W West St N - Granby Pl W; north side

Honey Ct

Africa Rd

Groton Dr

Keene Dr

Hanby Ave

Kennebec Pl W

Kennebec Pl E

Millfield Ave

Belpre Pl W

Belpre Pl E

Haddam Pl W

Haddam Pl E

Granby Pl W north of Main St

Waterton Dr

Waterton Ct

River Trace

Glacier Pass

Baranof E

Bering Ct

Baranof W

Bigham Ridge Blvd

Memories Ln

Lori Ln south of Maebelle Way

Granby Pl W south of Main St

Granby Pl E

Winmar Pl W

Winmar Pl S

Winmar Pl E

Timberlake Dr

College Crest Rd

Old Coach Rd

Storington Rd

Berkeley Pl S

Berkeley Pl N

Cogswell St

Bellefield Ave

Cogswell Ct

Rundlet Ct

Main St W Granby Pl W - Corp Limit; north side

Ormsbee Ave

Danvers Ave

Hepplewhite St

Hepplewhite Ct

Arundel Ave

Crowles Ave

Spring Hollow Ln

Spring Hollow Ct

Acillom Dr

Africa Rd

Leighway Dr

Jobar Ct

Judy Ct

Gurgun Ln

Kitty Dr

Baker Lake Dr

Baker Lake Ct

Libbet Pl S

Libbet Pl N

Stroud Ct

Starbuck Ct

Belle Meade Pl

Belle Meade Ct

Whipple Pl

Main St W Corp Limit - Cleveland Ave; south side

Lori Ln

Maebelle Way

Bruce Ct

Windcroft Dr

Farmeadow Dr

Southbluff Dr

Greenhurst Dr

Lookout Ridge Dr

Meadcrest Ct

Vincent Ct

Worthington Rd

Maughlin Dr

Tree Bend Dr

Tottenham Blvd

Abbotsbury Dr

Olgelbay Dr

Abbotsbury Ct

Tree Bend Ct

Washington Sq

Spring Rd S Liberty Ln - Huber Village Blvd; west side

Munich Pl

Montreal Pl

Huber Village Blvd north side only

Vancouver Dr

Manilla Pl


Palermo Pl

Hillsdowne Rd

Schrock Rd E State St S - Spring Rd S

Woodlake Ct

Cresswood Pl

Cologne Pl

Essen Pl

State St S Schrock Rd E - Cherrington Rd

Cherrington Rd State St S - Delaware Dr; south side

Cherry Ravine Ct

Otterbein Ave S Cherrington Rd - Schrock Rd E

Viewland Ct

Triesta Pl

Illinois Ct

Cherrington Rd Delaware Dr - Mohican Way

Cherrington Ct

Woodview Rd

Woodmont Ct

Mohican Way

Bramblewood Ct

Burwood Ct

Lakeside Dr

Allview Rd

Glenacre Dr

Drakewood Rd off Glenacre Dr

Dellhaven Dr

Drakewood Rd off Dellhaven Dr

Allview Ct

Braxton Pl W

Braxton Pl E

Leacrest Pl W

Leacrest Pl E

Crosslake Ct

Pointview Dr

Fairdale Ave

Ivydale Dr

Oak Hill Dr

Daleview Dr

Bombay Ave

Brisbane Ave

Barcelona Ave

Birmingham Rd

Schrock Rd W

Cooper Rd south of Schrock Rd W

Meacham Run Ct

Cleveland Ave