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Zone 3 - Collection Status - Final Round is complete

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   Completion Dates:     Round 1          Round 2          Round 3
Side 1 Side 2
Gentlewind Dr

Newfields Ln

Harbridge Ct

Gateshead Way

Gateshead Ct

Crosshaven Ct

Brimley Pl

Beddingfield Pl

Timberbank Ln

Timberbank Dr

Tipton Ct

Swanton Ct

Woodington Rd

St. Thomas Dr

Martin Grove Ct

Applewood Ln

MacIntosh Way

Tradewind Dr

Gosfield Gate Rd

Gosfield Gate Ct

Tradewind Ct

Huber Village Blvd Tradewind Dr - Spring Rd; south side

Spring Rd S Huber Village - Hempstead; west side

Fortunegate Dr

Huntland Ln

Sentry Ln

Hempstead Rd S Spring Rd - Dempsey Rd

Hideaway Woods Dr

Dempsey Rd Hempstead Rd S - Sunbury Rd S

Winfree Dr

Wilkins Ct

Cherokee Rose Dr

Westbury Woods Ct

Whilehaven Ct

Westray Dr

Wackeman Ct

Watten Ln

Wallasey Dr

Wilmot Ct

Winsholen Ct

Whithorn Ct

Norway Ln

Denmark Pl

Murmac Ln

Spring Rd S Walnut St - Hempstead Rd; east side

Schrock Rd E Spring Rd - Hempstead Rd

Liverpool Pl

Liege Pl

Liberty Ln

Valley Forge Ct

Bunker Hill Ct

Concord Ct

Olde North Church Rd

Lexington Ct

Kanpur Pl

Kalu Pl

Puddington Ct

Knebworth Ct

Thirlwall Ct

Walnut St E Spring Rd - Sunbury Rd; south side

Chelsea Ln

Luke Ct

Mainsail Dr

Babbington Ct

Charterhouse Ct

Farrington Dr west of Hempstead Rd

Cornhill Ct

Chertsey Ct

Hartfordshire Ln

Castile Ln

Walsingham Ct

Harbor View Dr

Bluesail Dr

Redsail Ct

Cavenway Ct

Lake Harbor Ct

Hempstead Rd S

Valleyview Dr

Valleyview Ct

Glenview Ct

Woodsedge Ln

Creek Run Ct

Creek Ln

Brook Run Dr

Brook Run Ct

Colony Dr off Hempstead Rd S

Dark Shadow Ct

Moonlight Ct

Sunlight Ct

Autumn Lake Ct

Autumn Woods Dr

Autumn Branch Rd

Autumn Park Ct

Autumn Creek Cir

Autumn Tree Pl

Autumn Meadows Dr

Autumn Crest Ct

Woodglen Rd

Hickory View Ct

Rockbridge Rd

Forest Glen Rd

Forest View Ct

Deer Run Ct

Deer Run Rd

Tall Tree Ct

Pineview Rd

Valley Wood Ct

Farrington Dr east of Hempstead Rd S

Denman Ct

Inglewood Dr

Markworth Ct

Cobblestone Ave

Brownstone Ct

Cornerstone Ct

Millstone Sq

Gemstone Sq W

Gemstone Sq E

Sandstone Lp S

Sandstone Lp E

Sandstone Lp N

Brookstone Blvd

Flagstone Sq

Bluestone Ct

Sunbury Rd S Walnut St - Corp Limit

Goldsmith Dr

Mockernut Ct

Shagbark Dr

Sugarberry Ct

Bitternut Ln

Blackjack Ave

Blackoak Cir

Chinkapin Way

Tallowwood Dr

Nutmeg Ct

Smoke Burr Dr

Willow Ct

Buckhorn Ct

Hackberry Dr

Laurel Dr

Clapham Ct

Scarlet Ct

Chatham Ridge Rd

Ipswich St

Glastonbury Ct

Scituate Ct

Forest Rise Dr

Northbridge Ct

Harwick St

Oak Bluff Ct

Stone Ridge Ct

Three Forks Dr N

Crooked Tree Ct

Lance Ct

Three Forks Dr S

Broken Bow Ct

Colston Dr

Central College Rd Hempstead Rd - Corp Limit

Leesland Dr

Spagnol Ln