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Zone 2 - Collection Status - Final Round is complete

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Side 1 Side 2

Parkview Ave

Mariemont Dr N

Mariemont Dr W

Mariemont Dr E

Russell St

Knox St S

Central Ave

Hiawatha Ave

Bishop Dr

Royal Ct

Merriss Ct

Sweetbriar Ln

Cherry St

Walnut St W

Fairview Ave

Glenwood Dr

Grove St S

Plum St W

College Ave W

Knox St N

Grove St N

Home St W

Elmwood Pl

University St

Park St W

West St S

Main St W State St N - West St N

Main St E

Center St

West St N

Martin Dr

Sunset Dr

County Line Rd W 136 only

Moss Rd 131 & 219 only

State St N County Line Rd - Main St W; west side

Executive Ct

Directors Ct

Broadway Ave W

Lincoln St W

Cochran Ave

Cornell Ct

State St S Cherrington Rd - Walnut St E; east side

Walnut St E State St S - Spring Rd S

Buckeye St

Patti Dr east of Buckeye St

Buckeye Ct

Bernadine Ct

Collingwood Dr

Gladale Dr

Linncrest Dr

Patti Dr west of Buckeye St

Debbie Dr

Bobby Ln

Daniel Dr

Patricia Ann Ln

Kimothy Dr

Hillcrest Dr

Woodlawn Ave

Patti Ct

Walnut Ridge Ln

Monroe Ln

Orchard Ln

Park St E

Steffan Ct

Circle Ct

Llewellyn Ave

Plum St E off Llewellyn Ave

Linabary Ave

Plum St E off Linabary Ave

State St S Walnut St E - College Ave E; east side

Winter St

College Ave E State St - Spring Rd; south side

Summit St

Eastwood Ave

Whitehead St south of College Ave E

Weyant St

College Pl

College Ave E State St - Spring Rd; north side

Pleasant Ave

McCutheon Alley

Home St E off Whitehead St

Stoner Alley

Whitehead St north of College Ave E

State St N College Ave E - County Line Rd

Home St E off State St N

Lincoln St E

Broadway Ave E

Hamilton Ave

Logan Ave off State St N

Old County Line Rd

Vine St N

Vine St S

Mossman Ave

McVay Alley

Franklin ave

Logan Ave east of Vine St N

County Line Rd State St N - Otterbein Ave N; south side

McCorkle Blvd

Otterbein Ave N

Broad St E

Otterbein Ave S College Ave E - Cherrington Rd

Mary Ave

Blendon Dr

Grangefield Ct

Tammerlane Ct

Myrtle Dr

County Line Rd Otterbein Ave N - Burns Dr; south side

Sterling Glen Dr

Farthing Dr

Farthing Ct

Hampton Park N

Hampton Park W

Hampton Park

Hampton Park E

Susan Ave off Hampton Park E

Wildwood Dr

Six Pence Cir

Juniper Ave

Sweetgum Way

Sassafras Way

Blackgum Way

Quince Ct

Burns Dr south of County Line Rd

Michael Ave

Susan Ave off Michael

Westridge Ct

Green Acres Dr

Matthew Ave

Wren Ave

Matthew Ct

Murnane St

Rebecca Ave

Wood St

Richert Ct

Marjorie Ct

Day Ct

Ash Ct

Andrew Ave

Burns Ct

Kienle Ave

County Line Rd Burns Dr - Spring Rd N; south side

Lakeland Dr County Line Rd - Spring Rd N

Fairlawn Ct

Kenmore Ct

Coventry Ct

Spring Rd N County Line Rd - College Ave E; west side

Spring Rd S College Ave E - Liberty Ln; west side

Delaware Dr

Mingo Ln

Apache Cir

Apache St

Delaware Ct

Illinois Ave

Electric Ave

Cheyenne Dr

Mohawk Ave

Ottawa Ave

Potawatomi Dr

Narraganset St

Catawba Ave

Catawba Ct

Sioux Dr

Oneida Ave

Pawnee Dr

Cheyenne Ct

Crescent Dr

Cherokee Dr

Navajo Dr

Seminole Ave

Seneca Ave

Cherrington Rd Illniois Ave - State St S; north side