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Zone 1 - Collection Status - Final Round is complete

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Side 1 Side 2
Walnut St E Spring - Sunbury; north side

Gibson Pl

Spring Creek Dr

Spring Valley Rd

Spring Rd S Walnut - College; east side

College Ave E

Lynnette Pl S

Nadine Pl S

Hempstead Rd S south of College

Hempstead Ct

Donmac Dr

Laureen Ct

Marlene Dr

Edilyn Ct

Wallean Dr

Keethler Dr S

Smiley Ct

Massey Dr

Keethler Dr N

Dolly Ct

Springtree Ln

Spring Tree Ct

Whisperwood Ct

Hempstead Rd N north of College

Oakwood Ln

Oakwood Ct

Briarwood Ct

Oak Tree Ct

Hoover Lake Ct

Lakegrove Ct

Marie Lou Dr

Fawn Ct

Springhurst Ct

Lyndale Dr

Laketree Ct E

Laketree Ct W

Elcliff Dr

Rose Ct

Kristin Ct

Carousel Ct

Melinda Dr

Bryan Dr

Nadine Pl N

Kim Ct E

Kim Ct W

Nicole Dr

Brule Ct

Corbin Ct

Lawrence Rd

Helenhurst Ct

Mike Ct

Lakeway Ct E

Lakeland Dr

Riverlake Ct

Red Barn Ct

Pin Oak Ct

Boehm Ct

Lakeway Ct W

Karen Ct

Prince William Ln

Coss Cir

College Ct

Lynnette Pl N

Spring Rd N College - County Line; east side

Maxtown Rd

Wake Dr

Seagull Ct

Surf Ct

Sandpiper Ct

Seaside Ct

Bay Dr

Inlet Ct

Sailing Ct

Isle Ct

Sea Shell Dr

Sea Shell Ct

Freshwater Ct

Tidewater Ct

Lake Pt

Fishermans Dr

Nautilus Pl

Buoy Ct

Hooverview Dr

Blue Heron Ct

Sunbury Lake Dr

Lighthouse Ct

Egret Ct

Havendale Dr

Blue Heron Dr

Landings Lp E

Landings Lp N

Landings Lp W

Landings Lp S

Sunbury Rd N

Weatherwood Ct

Breakers Ct

Hidden Cove Ct

County Line Rd east of Spring

Ashford Dr

Wedgewood Terrace

Ashford Ct

Barrington Dr

Crawford Ct

Wedgwood Ct

Baldwin Ct

Hastings Ct

Sterling Ct

Leighton Ct

Barrington Ct

Scottsdale Ct

Abington Ct

County Line Rd west of Spring

Olde Mill Dr

Pepper Ct

Sugar Ct

Grindstone Dr

Millwind Ct S

Millwind Ct E

Mill Wind Dr

Winfield Meadows Dr

Deer Trail

Keyham Terrace Dr

Collier Dr

Penbrook St

High Timber Dr

Waxwing Ct

Centerpark Dr

Mill Crossing Dr

Stonefield Dr

Paddlecreek Dr

Woodbend Dr

Collier Dr

Granite Dr

Woodcreek Ln

Little Rock Rd

Mallard Dr

Kingfisher Dr

Kingfisher Ct

Bald Eagle Ct

Big Rock Dr

Grist Run Dr

Flour Ct

Paddlewheel Dr

Paddlewheel Ct

Grist Run Ct

Amy Lu Ct

Big Rock Ct

Tami Sue Ct

Olde Mill Ct

Burns Dr N

Acorn Ct

Chestnut Ave

Elm Ct

Birch St

Legacy Dr

Legacy Ct

Potomac Dr

Potomac Ct

Radcliff Dr

Mulberry Way N

Mulberry Way W

Mulberry Way S

Apple St

Peach St

Locust Ct

Belle Haven Pkwy

Northchurch Ln

Bellfrey Dr

Bellfrey Ct

Olde English Dr

Olde English Ct

Somerton Ct

Rockbourne Dr

Rockbourne Ct

Belle Haven Ct

Windemere Dr

Canterbury Ct

Harrogate Lp E

Harrogate Lp N

Harrogate Lp W

Canmore Ct

Amesbury Ct

Aylesbury Dr W

Aylesbury Ct

Aylesbury Dr S

Harrogate Ct

McCorkle Blvd

Wyndham Park S

Wyndham Park N

Crossings Dr

Ashbrook Dr

Maplebrooke Dr W

Maplebrooke Dr E

Maplebrooke Dr N

Pinebrook Dr

Pinebrook Ln

Village Green Dr

Village Green Ln

Berkshire Commons Dr

Ivyside Sq

Straiton Sq

Buckstone Pl