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Leaf Collection

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October 12 - December 18

2019 Resident Letter map 2
Now you can get timely leaf collection updates with the Westerville Public Service Department's interactive Leaf Collection Map.

The map will be updated at 10:00 a.m. each morning for the previous day's progress. Check out the map here: Westerville Leaf Collection Map

DAILY ROUTE UPDATES (text):     ZONE 1          ZONE 2          ZONE 3          ZONE 4

NOTE: Once a round is completed all dates will be cleared out and the next round of dates will begin.  This will make it easier to find where the crew left off.  

Dec. 31, 2019 - Update: The 2019 Leaf Collection Program has been completed.  Residents may place leaves in biodegradable paper bags and set out for yard waste during their regular collection.  

The 2020 Annual Leaf Collection Program will resume on October 12, 2020.




Street Names A - E

Street Names F - L

Street Names M - R

Street Names S - Z

MAP - All Leaf Collection Zones

PROGRAM CHANGES:  The 2020 Leaf Collection Program will begin October 12 and run through December 18.  This year collection will not be mandated by scheduled set out dates.  Instead, a crew will be assigned to one of the four zones for the duration of the collection period.  Crews will continue to circle the route, collecting leaves in their zone on a continual cycle.  Each resident is expected to receive at least four rounds of leaf collection during the program, with collections generally two to three weeks apart during times when leaf collection may be heavy. 

Maps will be updated daily showing streets completed through the previous day.  Resident's can view the updated maps using the Road Warriors link at the top of this page.  New this year, routing information is available showing the projected collection route, which will be updated daily to show streets completed along with the maps.  Residents will be able to see where their street falls along the route in comparison with where the crews start each morning.  

During the leaf collection program, we ask that you have all of your leaves raked to the tree lawn (in between the sidewalk and the street), but not in the street.  So that we can efficiently and economically remove these leaves, we ask that these leaves be free of large sticks, twigs and any trash or debris that could cause damage to our leaf collection equipment and injuries to our personnel. Also, to prevent non-collection, we ask that vehicles not be parked in front of, or close to, leaves during the above collection weeks. Any obstructions, such as basketball hoops, should be removed from the right-of-way as these present a safety issue and can hinder collection.

All yard waste will continue to be collected each Monday as part of our Yard Waste Collection program. Should you not want to wait until your appointed week to discard your leaves, you can place your leaves with your other yard waste for the normal Monday yard waste collection. Make sure that your leaves are either placed in a paper, biodegradable bag or your yard waste container to ensure collection.

With your assistance, we will be able to provide an effective and high-quality leaf collection program. Should you have any questions or comments relative to this service, please contact the Public Service Department.

Dept. of Public Service
370 Park Meadow Rd.
(614) 901-6740