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World War II

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World War II 



 BEAVER, Carl Francis     Sergeant
      Enlisted 13 Mar 1941; age 23
      747th Bomber Squadron, 456th 37 Division
      Died 10 May 1944 over Austria
      Buried in Draguignan Cem, Draguignan, France
 Memorial, Sec 2, Pioneer Cemetery 
                                ELLIOTT, Charles Eugene     Private
      Enlisted 29 June 1943; age 18
      513th Parachute Infantry
      Died 5 Feb 1945 over Luxenburg
 Knox Sec, Otterbein Cemetery 
 BEAVER, Homer Charles     Sergeant
      Enlisted 14 Apr 1943; age 19
      517th Parachute Infantry, 13th Airborne
      Died 4 Nov 1944 in France
      Buried in Draguignan Cem, Draguignan, France
 Memorial, Sec 2, Pioneer Cemetery
   EVERETT, Edwin Rufus     S/Sgt
      Enlisted 19 Feb 1943; age 18
      20th Bomber Squadron, 2nd Bomber Group
      Died 29 Aug 1944
         near Nova Bosaca, Slovakia
Memorial, Old Sec, Otterbein Cemetery
 BENNETT, Robert Martin     Pvt 1st Cl
      Enlisted 24 May 1943; age 21
      U.S. Army Infantry
      Died 15 Jan 1945 in Belgium
 Old Sec, Otterbein Cemetery
   EWING, Robert E.     Private
      Enlisted 28 Jul 1943; age 19
      Died 28 May 1944 in Italy
 Knox Sec, Otterbein Cemetery
 BLACKBURN, John Thomas     F 1 Cl
      U.S. Navy
      Died 7 Dec 1941 at Pearl Harbor
      Entombed on the U.S.S. Utah,
         Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
 Memorial, Knox Sec, Otterbein Cemetery
   KARG, Rollin Warner     Lieutenant
      Enlisted 27 Sep 1941; age 24
      Pilot, 10th Troop Carrier Squadron
      Died 18 Oct 1942 over England
 Old Sec, Otterbein Cemetery
 BOWSMAN, Donald E.     T/Sgt
      Enlisted 11 Feb 1941; age 26
      4th Squadron, 479th Antisubmarine Group
      Died 8 Aug 1943 over the Bay of Biscay
 Memorial, Knox Sec, Otterbein Cemetery
   LINENKUGEL, Vincent R.     T/Sgt
      Enlisted 9 Jul 1940; age 23
      6th Flying Tng Gp AC
      Died 26 Aug 1943
 Old Sec, Otterbein Cemetery
 CURFMAN, Robert White     Lieutenant
      Enlisted June 1942; age 19
      1st Army 9th Division
      Died 3 Feb 1945 in Germany
 Mausoleum, Otterbein Cemetery
   WAGNER, John A     2nd Lieutenant
      Enlisted 28 Jan 1943; age 19
      Pilot, Army Air Corp
      Died 9 Aug 1944 at Bruning Air Field, NE
 Old Sec, Otterbein Cemetery