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Burials - Locations Unknown

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There are no known existing records for Pioneer Cemetery prior to 1935, when disaster struck the church and all records were lost.

However, Pioneer Cemetery was recorded in 1905 and the record was published in the Northwest Genealogical Quarterly in 1907 with inserted genealogy information.  Extracting out what does not appear to be actual burial data, the remaining burials were compared to a second recording done in the 1980s.  The result of the comparison was then examined against known existing burials.

The information provided has been verified through public records whenever possible but in many cases, due to the early time period, records do not exist.  For those instances, the 1905 reading is the sole source of verification, therefore the information presented below should be viewed only as a reference guide.

The following is a list of those believed to be in Pioneer Cemetery whose stones have been lost due to time and/or weather, or who were buried in unmarked graves. 

 Arnold, Lucretia  Lawson, Hannah  Pinney, Rhoda
 Arnold, Randall  Loomis, Hannah  Pinney, William H
 Baldwin, Israel  Loomis, Samuel  Post, John
 Bartlett, Isaac  Mattoon, Orra C  Schrock, Eliabeth
 Bell, Margaret  McWhirk, Charles  Schrock, Harry
 Blake, Cynthia  McWhirk, Elizabeth  Schrock, Hattie
 Carpenter, Anna W  McWhirk, George  Schrock, Roy
 Carpenter, Reuben C  McWhirk, Henry  Schrock, William (3rd)
 Carpenter, William  McWhirk, Preston  Stebbins, Ambrose
 Clark, Jemima  Meacham, Worthy P  Stebbins, Austin
 Conant, Elizabeth  Moore, Laura  Wellen, Emma
 Goodrich, Dorothy  Moore, Simeon III  Wright, Abigail
 Hardin, Lovina  Phelps, Alice  Wright, Emma
 Johnson, William  Phelps, Cruger  Wright, John
 Kemp, Lucy  Phillips, Aaron  Wright, John G
 Lawson, Ellen  Phillips, (wife of Aaron)  Wright, Lawrence
 Lawson, James  Pinney, Isaac