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The Westerville Public Service Department maintains infrastructure through the coordinated efforts of four divisions: Street Maintenance; Utilities; Environmental Maintenance; and Fleet Maintenance.

A properly maintained infrastructure affects our residents' quality of life, our business' ability to thrive and the general public's ability to move safely through our community. Sound infrastructure maintenance is also a tool for attracting and keeping a strong local business base.

In the following video, learn how the Public Service Department strives to provide excellent services, hear more about this accredited department's responsibilities and meet Service Director Kevin Weaver. 

The Street Maintenance Division's duties include snow and ice control, leaf collection, traffic sign and pavement marking/painting, and brick street reconstruction. This division cleans and maintains more than 130 miles of brick and asphalt street pavement.

The Utilities Division maintains the City's water, sanitary sewer and storm water systems. Combined, these three systems constitute more than 400 miles of pipe lines.

The Fleet Maintenance Division maintains 250 pieces of equipment, including compressors, generators, leaf pick-up devices, salt spreaders, and Westerville's rolling stock of police, fire and service vehicles.

The Environmental Division administers Westerville's refuse contract, maintains three cemeteries, coordinates street sweeping efforts, and performs the mosquito abatement program.

If you see a condition within Westerville city limits that requires the action of the Public Service Department, call us at (614) 901-6740 or use the "Service Request" link provided on the City's home page. And learn why your feedback to the Public Service Department is so important in this clip.