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Bicycle Information

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In 2012, the Westerville Division of Police recovered nearly 100 lost or stolen bicycles. Many of the bikes went unclaimed. In order to increase the likelihood of returning a lost or stolen bicycle to the owner we suggest bicycle owners do the following:

Register Your Bicycle with the Westerville Division of Police

You can register your bicycle with the Westerville Police Department with our Records Section or online.

In order to register your bicycle with WPD you will need the following information:Bicycle Serial Numbers


  • Bicycle Serial Number (locations to the right)    
  • Bicycle Boys/Girls
  • Bicycle Make
  • Bicycle Color
  • Bicycle Model




Locking and Securing Your Bicycle

Whether you are making a stop on Westerville’s Bikeway and Leisure Path, at school, work, Highlands Park Aquatic Center, or storing your bicycle at home, the Westerville Division of Police recommends that bicycles are always locked and secured when not in use.

  • Mark your bicycle. Engraving, tape, paint and other means are helpful ways to personalize your bicycle. Markings should be placed in discrete locations (below seat or on handle bars). Take a photograph of your bicycle and keep it for your records.
  • Lock your bicycle to a fixed object such as a bike rack, sturdy sign (if permitted) or tall heavy duty pole. Small trees, aluminum, wooded posts or chain link fences can be easily broken or cut.
  • Always secure your bicycle in a visible and well-lit area.
  • If the bicycle is being stored in a garage, ensure that the garage is closed when not in use.
  • Avoid keeping bicycles outside overnight.
  • Once your bicycle is locked, remove any valuable/detachable items from your bike (light, helmets, and odometers).
  • A U-lock or U-lock and cable lock combination is recommended when securing your bicycle. Chain and cable locks are easily defeated. However, any lock is better than no lock.

Proper Lockup


What to do if your bicycle is lost or stolen

  • Have your bicycle information ready (make, model, color, serial number, registration number etc.)
  • Call the Non-Emergency line 614-882-7444 or come to the Westerville Division of Police Station, 29 South State Street, to file a report if the bike was lost or stolen in Westerville.
  • You can contact Records to check and see if your lost or stolen bicycle has been recovered.