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Project Lifesaver

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Project Lifesaver is a rapid-response program aiding victims and families suffering from Alzheimer’s and other related disorders by quickly locating and returning wandering adults and children to their families and caregivers.



In collaboration with local civic groups and social service agencies, the Westerville Division of Police adopted the Project Lifesaver program in 2009. Project Lifesaver’s mission is to use advanced special rescue techniques, and a special responder program with state of the art technology to assist those who care for victims of Alzheimer’s and other Related Mental Dysfunction disorders (ARMD).

Project Lifesaver focuses on collaboration between law enforcement, civic groups, local business and caregivers to promote rescues, education and especially fundraising so that families in financial need can have protection and peace of mind. Members of the Project Lifesaver team are trained to use electronic tracking equipment and communication methods useful with a person who has special needs.

For more information on Project Lifesaver, contact:

Jennifer Kennedy
Westerville Division of Police
(614) 901-6860

Project Lifesaver Brochure