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Parking Survey for Uptown Residents 

Download the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association Map

Uptown Plan
The Uptown Plan was reviewed by both Planning Commission and Uptown Review Board in a joint session on March 6, 2014.  During the meeting the Commission and Board discussed the Plan and took public comment.  At the conclusion of the meeting, both bodies unanimously recommended adoption by City Council.  On May 6, 2014, City Council voted to approve the Plan, which can be viewed here.   

Uptown Façade Improvement Program
The Uptown Façade Improvement Program is a program that  provides matching grants to property owners or businesses, resulting in a comprehensive restoration or substantial improvement to an Uptown building façade. Applicants have been eligible for reimbursement up to 50% of the total cost of the façade improvement with a maximum cap of $30,000 contingent upon Westerville Industry and Commerce Corporation (WICC) approval. For more information, follow the links below or contact Bassem Bitar (901-6658) or David Meadows (901-6896). 

Program Description        Program Brochure        Program Application

Uptown Review Board
The Uptown Review Board (URB) is a seven-member board the responsibility of which is to protect and promote the historic character of the Uptown District. To this end the Board is responsible for reviewing changes including new construction, building additions, facade renovations and changes to exterior materials, window and door replacements, signage, awnings, paint color changes, building demolition, and landscaping elements (e.g. fences, walls, walkways, etc.). Some minor changes may be approved administratively. The Board meets the first Thursday of each month at 21 S. State Street in City Council Chambers.  To learn more, click here to visit the URB page.

Uptown Parking Study
The City has evaluated Uptown parking solutions for the future, and is moving forward with many recommendations.  See below to access and review parking study materials.

Uptown Parking Study Public Report