Zoning Code Update

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The City's Zoning Code (Westerville Codified Ordinances, Part 11 and 12) and related Codified Ordinances are implementing tools for key portions of the Comprehensive Plan (2016) and are being updated throughout 2017 and 2018 to effectively achieve the City's vision.

Why Update the Zoning Code?

  • The current Code was adopted in 1973 and does not take into account the many varied ways in which our community has grown;
  • An updated and relevant Zoning Code will help keep the City competitive in the region;
  • The Zoning Code will allow the City to implement and complement the Westerville Community Plan.

The Process
Any update, including this re-write, to the Zoning Code will be a part of a Public Hearing both at the Planning Commission level for recommendation and the City Council level for adoption. (See process outline, December 21, 2016 Planning Commission presentation.)

The City Staff is working closely with City Council, Boards and Commissions, as well as the Legal Department and planning consultants  to update the Zoning Code as follows:

  • Identify Issues - Phase 1 Report
  • Diagnose Existing Code - Phase 2 Report
  • Conduct Focus Groups (Subject Matter Experts) - Focus Group Summary Report
  • Organize document
  • Create/Improve processes for approval
  • Conduct field verification of appropriate and desired built form
  • Obtain stakeholder reviews

The Teams
Decision Makers
City Council
Planning Commission
Board of Zoning Appeals
Uptown Review Board
Planning Team
Kimberly Sharp & Bassem Bitar, Planning and Development, Tom Schmitt, Metz-Bailey, Kim Littleton, Burton Planning, Economic Development
Technical Advisory Group
City Manager's Office, Building Division, Code Enforcement, Economic Development, Parks & Recreation, Utilities, Electric, Public Service, Fire Department, Police Department, Information Systems
Consultant Team
Lisa Wise Consultants, LWC, MKSK, Sean Suder, Calfee Zoning
Stakeholders Development community, business community, Chamber of Commerce, Otterbein University, Westerville City Schools, other groups involved regularly in community development.