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Documents and Maps

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Zoning Information

The City of Westerville Planning and Zoning Code consists of Part Eleven and a portion of Part Twelve of the Westerville Codified Ordinances.  Within Part Eleven are Titles One, Three, and Five that contain General Zoning Provisions, Zoning District Regulations, and Additional Zoning Requirements (e.g., landscaping, parking, etc.).  Part Twelve Chapter 1201 contains Subdivision Regulations.  All of the Codified Ordinances are hosted by a third party (American Legal Publishing) and can be accessed by clicking here. 

The Zoning Map (static pdf map) that accompanies the Zoning Code can be accessed by clicking here.  The Interactive Zoning Map can be accessed by clicking here

Several Special Overlay Districts exist that supplement the underlying zoning.  The regulations for these are available below.

A Special Overlay District also exists for the South State Street Corridor and is available on the South State Street page by clicking here

Plans, Guidelines, & Studies

The documents below consist of adopted plans, studies, and reports which inform and guide the planning process in Westerville. The Planning Commission and staff refer to these materials in reviewing development proposals. To access the information, simply click on the document requested.