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Comprehensive Plan

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The City of Westerville, City Council accepted the Imagine Westerville Community Plan, which outlines a feasible and positive vision for the community. Multiple public meetings, community events, Planning Commission, and City Council have all given input on what makes our community unique and how to remain competitive for the future.

Imagine Westerville! Community Plan Approved July 2016

What is a Comprehensive Community Plan?
A Comprehensive Community Plan is a document that outlines a community’s vision of its future by the residents, workers, visitors, businesses, and community leaders. A Comprehensive Community Plan uses this vision as a means to work toward economic, social and environmental stability. Positive growth is also a City’s primary guide to assess the location, character and extent of proposed public and private development – as a framework, not a rule book. City Council adopts the accepted final document.

The Comprehensive Community Plan provides:

  • A snapshot of the City’s demographics, trends and existing patterns of development;
  • Shared community values and aspirations for Westerville’s future;
  • Overall goals and strategies to achieve that vision;
  • Clear guidance for decision makers to make informed decisions;
  • Priorities, thus serving as our “to-do” list to review during budget, infrastructure and investment discussions.

EXISTING PLANS which inform the Comprehensive Plan: