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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do we have a Street Maintenance Program?
The Street Maintenance Program protects the City’s investment in the street infrastructure by maintaining and repairing City streets. Studies show that maintaining streets is five times more cost-effective than re-building them after they have failed. Since there may be more roadway needing attention than available funding, the Street Maintenance Program is designed to include and prioritize the roadway sections to have the most long-term benefit to the City.

How do you decide which streets receive maintenance?
The City Staff routinely inspects the roads within the City before deciding when and what type of maintenance is needed. We look for common surface deficiencies such as generally deteriorated surfaces, cracks, and pavement distortions. We record the observances in a comprehensive database that considers the pavements condition, prior maintenance history, traffic and truck volume, and other factors to help determine the most cost-effective treatment and appropriate time to apply the treatment.

How do I find out which roads have been selected for maintenance?
You can check the Street Maintenance Map or the Street Maintenance Schedule to see which streets will be serviced this year.

Why did you do maintenance on my neighbor’s street when mine is in worse shape?
The City can best attain the goals of its Pavement Condition Policy by the use of different types of lower-cost pavement maintenance treatments, applied at the appropriate time, to economically extend the life of the pavement. The City’s preventative maintenance program is designed to extend the life of the street and be less expensive in the end.

The condition of your street may be beyond the time for any appropriate preventative maintenance treatment. Consequently, it may require a more extensive reconstruction. The annual budget for the reconstruction of roads will be increased annually as a result of the passage of Issue 54 in 2008. The City expects to eliminate the backlog of poor and failed streets before 2022.

What are the different types of maintenance?
For the Street Maintenance Program, we have planned :
Slurry Seal
Pavement Rejuvenation
Crack Fill
Cape Seal
Plane and Overlay
Full Street Reconstruction

For more information about the treatment types, please see the Street Treatment Definitions page.

My street is on one of the maintenance lists. What day will the maintenance be completed?
Most of the work in the maintenance program requires good weather and only one or two days to complete. Treatments cannot be applied in rain and cold weather. Occasionally there are also equipment problems that delay work. Because of these factors, any initial schedule for maintenance could change. As the date of your street’s work approaches, the contractor will post signs and you will receive a door hanger with dates and other information you may need. You should also check current update schedule on the City’s web page.

Will I still be able to get to my home while they are doing maintenance?
If your street is receiving an overlay or crack fill, every effort is made to keep access to your home available. There are brief periods, when the asphalt has just been placed and is extremely hot, that the contractor may close access to your street. This is for your benefit as well as the benefit of the road. For streets receiving rejuvenation or slurry seal, vehicles must be kept off of the surface for several hours while the product cures. You will be notified several days prior to any road closures or access limitations. We recommend that if you have pressing appointments, you park your vehicle on a nearby street where work is not planned to ensure you will be able to leave when necessary.

Reconstruction projects have the greatest impact on access to your home. There will be extended time periods when vehicular access to your driveway will be impossible. (Provisions for access can be made for those residents with special needs.) Advanced notifications and project updates will keep you informed regarding access to your home.


Will my yard be damaged?
On streets being overlaid or receiving other surface treatments, damaged curb sections will be replaced prior to the surface treatments. Lawn areas affected by the curb replacements will be fully restored. On streets being reconstructed utility work may require some sidewalk replacement and associated portions of the yards to be disturbed. Additional information will be provided by door hanger prior to curb or sidewalk removals.

Who can I contact for additional information?
You may contact the City at 614.901.6845 or via email at