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Street Maintenance Program

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The City is responsible for approximately 155 miles of roadway within Westerville. The City implements an annual street maintenance program to maintain and improve our roadways for the safety of the traveling public.
Visit the GoWesterville interactive map and select "Street Maintenance."
Each year, the City inspects the roadways and identifies those streets
that require repair or reconstruction. The condition of the pavement is evaluated and measured using a pavement condition index rating system. This approach assigns a numerical rating to each section of road being evaluated for the presence of numerous distresses (39 in all) and the severity level of each distress (low, medium, high). A database program tracks the pavement condition and the history of maintenance of every roadway section.

It is the City’s Pavement Condition Policy that at least 85 percent of the major arterial roadways* will have a pavement condition rating of “good” or better. The remaining roads will be maintained so that at least 60 percent will have a rating of “good” or better.

If your street is selected for maintenance, you will be notified by letter with a brochure providing a brief overview of the different treatments that may be used. As the date of construction activities nears, a door hanger will be placed on your door indicating the date, duration, and construction activity to be performed, as well as any special information you might need including roadway parking restrictions or minor access restrictions. 

The City’s major arterial roadways or Super Arterials serve the primary function of moving high volumes of traffic from one section of the city to another. Access points are limited and widely spaced. Parking is prohibited along these streets.

Super Arterials serve as the main foundation to the city’s roadway network. The priority to sustain the condition of these roads is greater than other roadways within the network. This higher priority is directly attributable to the City’s dependence on the Super Arterials to distribute traffic to key business and employment centers within Westerville; to carry commuter traffic from the community’s residential neighborhoods; and to connect the City’s roadway network to the major state and federal highway systems.

Westerville’s Super Arterials are as follows: Cleveland Avenue; Polaris Parkway; County Line Road; Sunbury Road, south of County Line; Schrock Road, between Cleveland and State; Maxtown Road, between Spring and State; and State Street, north of Polaris and south of Schrock.