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Sidewalk Maintenance Program

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Annual Sidewalk Maintenance Program
There are few things worse than having a nice long walk or run through your neighborhood disrupted by tripping on a cracked, deteriorated, or misaligned sidewalk. Not only does this sidewalk threaten your safety, but it also decreases the neighborhood's beauty. To combat this problem, the City of Westerville conducts an annual sidewalk maintenance program.

Each year the sidewalk within an area of the City is evaluated with the goal of covering the entire City. Click here to view a map showing each area and the associated repair schedule.

In Westerville, like most communities across the country, the property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalk abutting their properties. In Ohio, state law provides for this practice on the premise that property owners get the most benefit from the walk because it is available for their use and it enhances a property's value. So in most cases, when it comes to making repairs, property owners are responsible.

The Engineering Division inspectors review the sidewalks in the targeted area and mark the sections (also known as panels) that must be replaced or repaired. The criteria for repair were established by City Council and have been used for several years. If the damaged walk is the result of a city tree or is part of an accessible ramp, then the inspectors will mark the sidewalk panels with an “O” using white paint and the City is responsible for both the repairs and the cost of repairs.

If the inspectors determine that the cost of the repair is the property owner’s responsibility, then the damaged sidewalk panels will be marked with an “X” using white paint and the property owner will receive a notice (click here for a sample notice) from the City. The notice will be mailed and will include an explanation of the markings; a diagram of the required work; an estimated cost; and an explanation of the homeowner’s options for completing and paying for the repairs. Additional information is contained in this Sidewalk Program brochure.

Generally, residents have two options for repairing the sidewalks:

First, the property owner can make their own repairs. A sidewalk repair permit, which details the specifications for sidewalk repairs, is required. A permit fee of up to $100 for the City's Building Inspector's services during construction may also be required. The homeowners may do the work themselves or hire a contractor to complete the repairs. The residential sidewalk and approach permit can be found here.

The second option for sidewalk repair is to do nothing upon receipt of the notice and have the City's contractor do the work. The City pays the contractor for the actual cost of the work.

A completion notice will be mailed to the homeowner after the work is completed which will indicate the City's actual cost of completing and inspecting the repairs, as well as restoring the lawn area. The homeowner may review the costs and make full, partial, or no payment to the City. A homeowner's remaining unpaid balance will be forwarded to the appropriate County Auditor's office. The balance, plus interest, will be assessed to their property taxes over the following five years.

Sidewalk repair is a vital part of neighborhood pride and residents should remember that the program ties into the community pride as well. If everyone does their part, improvements will be a lot easier.

Any property owner that has questions about the program should contact the Sidewalk Hotline, (614) 901-6757. Questions or comments may also be emailed to

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