Westerville Mobility Plan

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Westerville's ability to offer a variety of mobility options relates directly to the vitality of development and the community as a whole. The Westerville Mobility Plan will help guide future decisions per considerations set forth in the Westerville Community Plan about how residents and visitors move around the City. The plan will set the stage for the future decisions which will: 

  • Improve mobility options, making it easier to bike, walk, ride public transportation and drive in our community and connect to the region.
  • Enhance quality of life, making it safer for youth to get to school, the workforce to get to their places of employment and for people to move about the City in a way that is pleasing to them. 
  • Support future and ongoing development, accommodating growth is key to ensuring Westerville can remain economically competitive and vibrant. See the Westerville Community Plan to learn about the City's vision. 

The Mobility Plan will take into account traffic counts, intersection analysis, multi-modal overlaps, street designs for our community, truck routes and all the different users needing Westerville's roads, trails and sidewalks to function. The plan will be coordinated with Westerville Parks and Recreation, the Recreation and Opens Space (PROS) plan, MORPC's Regional Corridor Analysis, ODOT improvement plans and Central Ohio Transit Authority's (COTA) transit improvements.


  • Submit feedback to Jennifer Alford, City of Westerville Traffic Engineer, at jennifer.alford@westerville.org
  • Fall 2019: Draft Mobility Plan presented to Westerville Planning Commission


  • Summer 2018: Stakeholder Engagement and Mobility Open House
  • Fall/Winter 2018: Development of Draft Mobility Plan
  • Spring/Summer 2019:Further Stakeholder Engagement
  • Fall 2019: Draft Mobility Plan presented to Westerville Planning Commission
  • Winter 2019: Final Mobility Plan and presentation to Westerville City Council



Passengers arrive in at the COTA Westerville Park & Ride