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Inspections are required with each project to ensure that plans are implemented as approved in accordance with the adopted Building Code. The inspection can be thought of as the final step of the permit review process. Because there are two different types of construction (commercial and residential), and they each have different elements, there are two categories of inspections. Within each category there are different inspection types, such as electrical, footing, and HVAC.

To schedule an inspection, please call 901-6650 or the 24-hour inspection line at 901-6880 before 12:00 pm for next day service. When scheduling any inspection, you must specify the inspection type, site address, and permit number. Please be advised that times will only be given for footing, gas piping, and alteration/remodel inspections inside an occupied dwelling. The approved plans, plan approval letter, and the records of previous inspection results must be available on the job site.

For more information, please call 901-6650.