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The Building Division uses modern codes, industry standards and City ordinances to ensure the protection of life, health, property and general welfare of the citizens of Westerville. We issue permits for all construction and renovation projects, such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. It takes everyone in the community to keep our homes, schools, offices, stores and buildings safe. Please involve the Building Division with your project early as we are an important ally in a successful project.

Before the start of any work, an owner/authorized agent must submit construction plans detailing the proposed work and an application to the Building Department to be reviewed for compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. When the plans are fully compliant, the owner/authorized agent will receive a valid permit for the proposed work, which gives legal permission to start construction of a building project. Permit fees are paid when you pick up your permit. By obtaining a permit you have taken the first step towards ensuring your safety and the investment value of your property.

After a permit has been obtained, on-site inspections conducted by building inspectors are required to ensure work conforms to the approved plans. During the on-site inspections you will have access to a building inspector who will provide expertise and will help you with any questions and concerns. Upon completion of the proposed work and the required inspections, a Certificate of Occupancy or a Final Approval will be given to the permit holder. 

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Building Code

The Residential Code of Ohio for One-, Two-, and Three-Family Dwellings is available from the International Code Council (ICC) at 888-422-7233 or from Thomson/West Publications at 800-363-4500.

The Ohio Building Code, Ohio Plumbing Code, and Ohio Mechanical Code for Commercial Buildings is available online at These code documents may be viewed but are not printable