Westerville has defined Environmental Stewardship as one of its core values. This value drives the City's commitment to treating the natural environment with care and respect while promoting a sustainable lifestyle for today and generations to come.


Services and Programs
Through programs such as Green Pact and enhanced recycling, Westerville has set and achieved distinct goals incorporating environmental sustainability.

Green Pact



Urban Forestry


Education and Outreach
Westerville offers many educational opportunities for the community to learn about wildlife, wetlands and how the City's promotes sustainability.

Ecological Timeline

Party at the Creek

Wetlands Workshop

Recreational Programming


Westerville facilities such as Highlands Parks Aquatic Center, the Parks Maintenance Building and the Westerville Community Center have been upgraded to include eco-friendly materials and elements.

Highlands Wetlands

Westerville Community Center

Spring Valley Greenway

Recreational Trail System

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A City Within a Park

“A City Within a Park” is a collection of community-focused priorities to keep Westerville beautiful and thriving for generations to come. It embodies a commitment to parks, the environment and tradition of preservation, sustainability and responsible stewardship.

Recreational Trail Map

Tree City USA

Westerville Parks Foundation

Annual Report


The Future of Environmental Sustainability in the City of Westerville
Sustainability planning allows for the development of goals that foster environmental, community and financial sustainability. It also encourages and uses change and development to create environmental and social benefits. The City of Westerville is continuously planning, implementing and improving goals and objectives to work toward the future of parks and recreation.

Goal 1

Greenhouse Gas and Energy Production

Increase renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) production, and increase operational cost savings
 Goal 2

Building Green Facilities and Reducing Energy Consumption

Reduce environmental impacts of City-owned buildings and infrastructure.

 Goal 3 Healthy Environment and Natural Areas
Promote clean air, water, and soil; healthy habitat; and a sense of Natural areas.

 Goal 4 Reducing Waste
Maximize resource recovery through reduction, reuse, recycling while minimizing waste generation.
 Goal 5 Strong Community and Livable Neighborhoods
The way our communities grow can have a significant impact on the environment.

 Goal 6 Alternate Transportation
Efficient movement of people via transit, cycling, walking, and multi- and single-occupant vehicles.

 Goal 7 Educate and Engage our Community
Our responsibility is not only for our own operations, but to lead by example to encourage greater environmental stewardship by residents and local businesses.