Employee Benefits

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Regular full-time employees receive this array of benefits. Contract employee benefits may differ. Please consult the individual Union Contracts for those details.Health Insurance

Full-time employees pay 15% of premium. The City offers a high-deductible health plan through United Healthcare that enables employees to participate in tax saving Health Savings Accounts. Upon hiring, the City will make a prorated contribution to whichever HSA the employee establishes as shown. In addition, employees can make automatic monthly payroll contributions to their accounts. 

City of Westerville pays 100% of the premium on the following insurances:

*Dental coverage, which is provided by AETNA Dental.

*Vision coverage, which is provided by Vision Service Plan.

*Life coverage, which is provided by AETNA: $100,000 for employee, $10,000 for spouse and $5,000 for dependents.

Pension Program

Ohio Public Employees’ Retirement System (OPERS). The employee contributes 10.00% of salary and employer contributes 14.00%


Years of Service
 Paid Vacation
 *no vacation for the first year of employment
 1 - 5  2 weeks
 6 - 11
 3 weeks
 12 - 17
 4 weeks
 18 - 23
 5 weeks
 24 years and up
 6 weeks

Sick Leave
8 hours per month earned.

Personal Leave
6 days per calendar year.

7 paid holidays per calendar year.

Longevity Pay:  

 Years of Service
5 - 9
10 - 14
15 - 19
20 or more

Flexible Spending Account – Section 125
Pre-tax program available for dental and vision insurance premiums, medical reimbursement (items not covered by insurance plan).

Tuition Reimbursement:
Upon approval, can receive up to $4,500.00 per calendar year for tuition and books.

Deferred Compensation:
Plan available for pre-tax savings.  Two carriers provide this product;  Ohio Deferred Compensation and ICMA