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Frontline is a publication of the Westerville Division of Fire for residents of Westerville and Blendon Township focused on fire safety information, division news and important updates. Click on one of the links below, or read the latest edition.

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These issues are produced on a quarterly basis, and distributed in utility bills to Westerville residents. Additional copies are available at Fire Station 111 at 400 W. Main St. For more information, please call (614) 901-6600.

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January 4, 2016

The Westerville Division of Fire has received an upgrade in its rating from the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) to class “2” following an evaluation and assessment of the department this fall. ISO rates fire departments/districts on a 10-point scale, with class 1 being the best possible rating and class 10 being the worst. The announcement upgrades WFD’s rating from a class 3, which it has held for about two decades.

ISO is a standardized, national rating system that evaluates and assigns a number on its scale regarding the condition of the community's fire protection systems. Only 1,060 of more than 48,000 fire departments across the nation have earned a class 2 designation. Violet Township is the only other fire district in Central Ohio to receive the class 2 rating.

ISO ratings provide guidance to insurance underwriters related to property risks associated with fire protection services. In addition to validating the quality of the department, this rating goes directly to the property insurance premiums insurers charge residential and commercial customers. ISO’s analysis considers suppression capabilities (staffing, equipment and station locations), fire prevention and code enforcement, training, emergency communications, building codes and the quality of the water distribution system.  

“Ultimately a better ISO rating translates into money saved for the residents and businesses in Westerville and Blendon Township,” said Fire Chief Brian Miller. “We’re incredibly proud to have achieved this rating level and will continue to work to ensure the safety of the community through the services of the Westerville Fire Division.”

The rating becomes effective April 1, 2016.

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