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  • I Hear A Tornado Siren. What Should I Do?

  • To What Hospitals Are EMS Patients Transported To By The Westerville Division Of Fire?

  • Why Do I See Fire Apparatus Go Through An Intersection With Lights And Siren Activated And Then See Them Turn Them Off?

  • Why Do Firefighters Break Windows And Cut Holes In Roofs When The Fire Is Inside The Building?

  • Do You Get Cats Or Other Pets Out Of Trees Or Off Of Telephone Poles?

  • How Do I Get A Copy Of A Fire Or EMS Report?

  • Can I Arrange For A Tour Of A Station?

  • Can A Fire Engine Come To A Block Party?

  • Why Does An Engine Follow A Medic On Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Calls?

  • Can A Speaker Be Requested For A Local Citizen Group Meeting?

  • What Should I Do When I See An Emergency Vehicle With Lights And Siren Approaching?

  • My Smoke Detector Is Going Off Constantly, But I Do Not See Any Smoke Or A Fire. What Should I Do?

  • My Smoke Detector Is Beeping Intermittently. What Should I Do?

  • My Carbon Monoxide Detector Is Activated. What Should I Do?

  • My Fire Extinguisher Tag Is Out Of Date Or Needs Recharged. What Should I Do?

  • There Is An Animal (Dead Or Alive) In My House, Garage, Or Chimney. What Should I Do?

  • I Am Going To Be Testing My Fire Alarm Or Sprinkler System. Should I Contact Any City Department?

  • How Do I Dispose Of Old Paint Or Gasoline?

  • I Smell Smoke In My House, But I Do Not Know Where It Is Coming From And I Don't See Any Fire. What Should I Do?