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Station 112

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Station 112Station 112, located at 727 East Schrock Road, is Westerville's newest fire station and houses an Engine and a Medic. It is staffed by a minimum of seven fire fighters. The newest division facility, it was built in 2004 and includes a 9,000 square foot basement for future division growth.

Station 112 Equipment

Engine 112 is a 2016 Sutphen Monarch cab with a 750-gallon tank and powerful pump with Class-A foam for fire suppression. This engine carries more than 2,250 feet of hose. It carries first response EMS equipment and can provide immediate care and defibrillation to cardiac arrest patients. 

The current Medic 112 will soon be replaced with a 2017 Braun on a 2017 Chevy van chassis. It is an advanced patient stabilization and transport unit carrying airway equipment, cardiac and trauma drugs, a cardiac monitor/defibrillator, and various equipment essential to stabilizing a patient's neck and spine following an automobile accident or fall.