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Station 111

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Station 111Station 111, located at 400 West Main Street, houses a Rescue/Pumper, a Ladder, a Medic, the shift Incident Commander, and Boat. Built in 1986, it is staffed by a minimum of 12 fire fighters. Station 111 also includes the Division's administrative wing with offices for the Fire Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, a Chief Fire Marshal, three Battalion Chiefs, three Fire Prevention Inspectors and two full time secretaries.

Station 111 Equipment

Engine/Rescue 111 is a 2006 Pierce Dash that was placed in service to accomplish the functions of two vehicles, an engine company and a rescue company. This vehicle is equipped with all of the necessary tools and equipment for both firefighting and rescue capabilities, and is also equipped with a CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) for more efficient extinguishing of all types of fires.

Ladder 111 is a 1998 Pierce Dash that was refurbished in 2013. It has a 1,500 gpm Waterous pump, a 200 gallon water tank and carries more than 1,400 feet of hose. It is equipped with a 105-ft. aerial ladder with a ladder-mounted fire nozzle capable of delivering 1,000 gpm of water on fire from an elevation of more than 80 feet.

Medic 111 is a Braun mounted on a 2014 Ford E450 chassis. It is an advanced patient stabilization and transport unit carrying airway equipment, cardiac and trauma drugs, a cardiac monitor/defibrillator, and various equipment essential to stabilizing a patient's neck and spine following an automobile accident or fall.

Battalion 111 is a 2010 Ford Explorer. Equipment includes all necessary items for implementation of the Incident Command System and a thermal imaging camera used to locate victims in dark or smoke-filled environments and air quality monitoring devices.

Field Com 111 is a 1991 International Chassis that is used by NAS-T, an area-wide Hazardous Materials Response team. The van is used as a command post and is equipped with computer, fax, phone and chemical research resources. It is manned by on duty Westerville Fire Fighters when it is requested at the scene of a hazardous materials incident, multi-alarm fire or natural disaster.

Boat 111 is a Michigan Rescue Concepts inflatable boat powered by a 25 hp Mercury outboard and is used for swift water, pond and ice rescue.