Nest Rush Hour Rewards

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The City of Westerville Electric Division has teamed up with Nest, the Google-owned producer of Wi-Fi enabled, programmable, self-learning, sensor-driven thermostats to bring savings and incentives to Westerville Electric Division customers.

By enrolling in the City of Westerville's Rush Hour Rewards Program, new and existing Nest customers are eligible to receive a $75 check rebate.

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Program Offer

Already have a Nest thermostat?  Current Nest owners who enroll in the City of Westerville's Rush Hour Rewards Program will receive a $75 check incentive.

Don't have a Nest thermostat?  Customers who do not own a Nest thermostat may purchase a Nest from any store and enroll once the thermostat has been installed.  Once enrolled in the City of Westerville's Rush Hour Rewards Program you will receive a $75 check incentive.

Program Eligibility

  • Available to City of Westerville Electric Division customers.
  • Nest thermostats must be installed at addresses served by the City of Westerville Electric Division.
  • You must have an active Nest account.
  • Thermostats must be registered with Nest.
  • You must have a wi-fi internet connection.

How the Program Works


When you sign up for the Westerville Electric Rush Hour Rewards Program, you give Nest permission to make minor, short-term adjustments to your air conditioning via your Nest thermostat at the request of the City of Westerville.  This small change reduces power use during periods of peak usage (or peak demand) for electricity. You'll always have ultimate control over your thermostat.

Westerville does not rely on chance to secure reasonable electric rates for customers. The Electric Division purchases power from the market, but the cost of transmission and other bill components are largely out Westerville’s control. Those prices are based on, among other things, the highest peak consumption days in any given year. Therefore, the overall cost of power in the future will be partially based on the highest days of power consumption leading up to that year.

That is to say, a day of extraordinarily high power consumption citywide in 2019 could ultimately lead to more expensive electric payments in the future for all consumers.  It is the Westerville way to look ahead and secure a safe, affordable future for residents. Together, we can make it happen.

Learn more about the Rush Hour Rewards Program from Nest. 


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