Electric Division Programs

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The Westerville Electric Division has many energy and cost savings programs available that benefit our residents.  Please select the image below to learn more about any activity that interests you.

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Appliance Recycling
Recycle your old or extra refrigerator or freezer for a $50 incentive!  Click HERE to schedule a pick-up online or call 1(866)899-9862.  By eliminating an extra or aging appliance, residents may reduce annual electric bills by as much as $150.  Terms and conditions apply. MORE



Home Energy Yardstick
The EPA's Home Energy Yardstick provides a simple assessment of your home's annual energy use compared to similar homes.  By answering a few basic questions you will understand more about your appliances, energy usage and carbon admissions.  MORE

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Home Energy Saver
Before you open your wallet for a home energy audit, try the Department of Energy's do-it-yourself home energy audit tool.  Enter information about your house and get a customized list of energy savings recommendations. MORE



Westerville Incentive Savings for Efficiency (BusinessWISE) 
Businesses in Westerville now have access to another program to keep the cost of doing business low.  Through the City of Westerville Incentive Savings for Efficiency (BusinessWISE), businesses have the opportunity to receive an incentive for introducing energy efficiency and conservation.  MORE


Battery Recycling
Disposing of batteries with your regular trash can be dangerous. To help eliminate this issue, the Electric Division will place marked collection receptacles inside and outside of their facility, located at 139 E. Broadway Ave., throughout the year. When enough batteries are collected, they will be taken to the Westerville Public Service Department for safe disposal. Accepted batteries include: lithium (rechargeable), lead acid wet cell (vehicles) and typical household (AA, AAA, C, D etc.). For more information, call the Electric Division at (614) 901-6700, or email electric@westerville.org.