Street Light Improvement

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Street Light Improvement Information

The street lights, consisting of poles, wire and luminaries will be replaced in designated neighborhoods as a part of an ongoing maintenance/upgrading effort.   Installation of the wire will be performed using the directional boring method to minimize disturbance of existing landscaping within the Utility Easement and road Right-Of-Way. 

The directional boring and street light replacement will be completed by a contractor.   This contractor will also be responsible for any necessary property restoration.  A videotape will be made of the existing area prior to the beginning of any work to help with the before/after comparison, if needed. Considerable effort will be included in this project to minimize street lighting interruption or inconvenience to you. 

For construction updates, click HERE.  Feel free to call the Westerville Electric Division at (614) 901-6700 if you have any questions.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we spending tax payer money on new street lights when the lights we have are working fine?

  • The existing street lights are aging, inefficient and expensive to maintain. As a not for profit utility, our new street lights are funded solely by the Electric Division revenues. No taxpayer money is used.
Why aren’t the new street lights being installed where the existing lights are located so that existing wiring can be used?
  • The existing street light locations were designed years ago in accordance with the lighting fixture specifications. The new lights are much more efficient, appealing to the eye, and require careful design considerations to maximize those efficiencies. The existing wiring is also aging and expensive to maintain. The new wiring system has been improved and will be protected in conduit.

What happens if the new light conflicts with a street tree?

  • Several factors are considered during the design phase including: intersections, distance between lights and property lines. Conflicts with trees are minimal, however where conflicts with trees are unavoidable the tree is trimmed or removed. 
What is the new street light going to look like?
  • The new street lights are black with post top luminaries, 14 ft. tall as shown:
New Street Light