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Improving Electric Reliability

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The Westerville Electric Division (WED) electric grid updates are making the City’s goal of fewer electric outages a reality.  WED continues to budget for and successfully complete annual underground cable replacement projects. Less reliable, unjacketed cable designed and installed during the 1960’s and 1970’s is being replaced with new and improved jacketed cable installed in conduit for added protection and extended life.

In addition, WED is consistently replacing and improving street lighting systems and equipment. Over the past decade more than 900 new residential street lights have been installed on more than 20 miles of street light circuitry.  
The street lights, consisting of poles, wire and luminaries continue to be replaced in designated neighborhoods as a part of an ongoing maintenance and upgrading effort.   Installation of the wire will be performed using the directional boring method to minimize disturbance of existing landscaping within the Utility Easement and road Right-Of-Way. 

Please contact WED by calling (614)901-6700 or by emailing for further information regarding system improvement projects or other electrical construction.  For current construction updates, visit the Planning & Development Construction Update page on this website by clicking HERE.