Energy Efficiency and Education

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Factors that Influence Energy Usage in Your Home

Small changes in daily habits can make a big impact on your electric consumption.  Consider browsing the infographic below to see if your home could benefit from a cleaned lint screen, the unplugging of unused devices, the unnecessary use of fans and/or lights and more!  Energy saved will positively impact your wallet and the environment. 

Home Energy Infographic

How it Works:  Bucket Truck
Perhaps no tool of the lineworker’s trade is as well-recognized by the public as a bucket truck. And whether it’s being used for live-line work on high-voltage power lines or trimming branches in a right-of-way, bucket trucks have significantly improved workers’ safety and efficiency.

What is a bucket truck?  Put simply, a bucket truck is a utility vehicle that incorporates an extendable or articulating boom, topped with an enclosed platform, to raise workers to heights ranging from 20 feet to over 100 feet. Bucket trucks usually weigh about 15,000 pounds and carry a wide variety of tools needed by utility crews, including line hoses, jumpers, insulators and other equipment.

These trucks are all insulated to protect workers and typically are tested to safely withstand 100,000 volts. The booms themselves are of fiberglass construction, which provides isolation from the ground for the worker in the bucket. Some bucket trucks also incorporate fiberglass bodies to reduce weight and increase insulation.

The booms of most bucket trucks are operated hydraulically and are powered by the truck’s engine (hybrid models can operate the boom without need of the engine).

How are bucket trucks used?  Insulated bucket trucks are used heavily by electric utilities across the country to service high-voltage lines, remove line obstructions, or even to hang town holiday lights. Similar vehicles are also employed in a wide range of professions and for numerous tasks.

No matter their purpose, bucket trucks are designed to withstand heavy use. A bucket truck deployed by American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) can have an effective service life of around a decade, and in smaller communities where vehicles may not see daily usage, a bucket truck can last for as long as 20 years.

Source: AMP Public Power Connections Spring 2016 edition.

Westerville Energy Education Partnership
The Westerville Energy Education Partnership between the City of Westerville Electric Division, Ohio Energy Project (OEP) and Westerville City Schools continues to impact students, teachers, schools and homes throughout the community.  In the 2014-2015 school year, 892 Ohio schools used OEP programs, 2,728 teachers were directly impacted, 47,404 students were impacted, 127,645 CFLs and 25,620 LED bulbs were distributed to students and families and 102,968 megawatt-hours were saved in Ohio!