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Emergency Alert Portal

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Westerville residents may now register their contact information and preferences via a new website portal by the Westerville Emergency Communications Division. Commonly known as the “reverse 9-1-1” system, this site is the first opportunity residents have had to self-select and update their contact information.

Residents who visit can securely register their mobile phone number, activate text messaging capabilities and assign their home address for local/neighborhood preferences to receive emergency alert notifications.

Alerts from this system are based on true emergencies, such as disaster notification, public safety information and/or alerts pertaining to at-risk missing individuals, hazardous spills and major power outages. Content is provided by voice message or text, depending on the preferences selected during registration. Subscribers’ information will not be utilized or accessed for any other purpose. PLEASE NOTE: Notifications will be distributed in real-time as emergencies occur. Subscribers may receive notifications (via call or text message) at any time of day or night.

People who work in Westerville but do not live in the city or parents who have children in the Westerville City School District may also use the system.

To sign up, please CLICK HERE. (NOTE: The site is optimized for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.)