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Child Car Seat Inspections

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to public health concerns, car seat checks have been suspended through April.

The Westerville Fire Division provides professional child car seat installations/inspections every Monday (except for federally recognized holidays) at 400 W. Main Street from 9 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Our Volunteer Car Seat Technicians go through a minimum of 80 hours of training to learn proper installation techniques.

Appointments for child car seat installation and inspections can be made by scrolling below. Please call the Westerville Car Seat Information Phone Line at (614) 901-6889 if you have any questions regarding car seat installations and inspections.  If you are in need of immediate assistance with a car seat installation, you may contact the Columbus Health Department Car Seat Hot Line at (614) 645-7748.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, along with appropriately using infant and toddler safety seats there are several things a parent or caregiver can do when traveling with children who are roughly 4 to 8 years old:

  • Use the harnessed car seat until the child is at least 40 pounds
  • Use a booster seat for children over 40 pounds to 80 or 100 pounds and 4'9" in height. Continue to use the booster seat until the safety belt fits properly on the shoulder and hips
  • Require all children sit in a back seat until they are 13 years old
  • Make sure everyone in the vehicle is wearing a safety belt or is in a proper restraint every time on every trip

Tips on how to test if your child is appropriate for safety belt use alone:

  • Have the child sit on vehicle seat with his or her back and bottom against vehicle seat back
  • Check to see if knees bend at vehicle seat edge and feet touch the floor (optimally)
  • Fasten safety belt across hips and shoulders. Check to be sure lap belt stays on hips and shoulder belt lies on the collarbone or shoulder
  • The child should be able to maintain that position for the entire ride

If any of these items cannot be done, then a booster seat is the way to go. This information is important to not only in the daily transport of children, but also for field trips and carpooling.


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