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Excellent city services is a cornerstone of the Westerville lifestyle. Our safety services offer average emergency response times of four minutes, about half the national average. Our Parks and Recreation Department offers more than 1,300 different recreation opportunities annually, and they were integral to Sports Illustrated magazine naming Westerville Sportstown Ohio, the only Ohio city to receive such a designation. Our Service Department uses non-toxic means to address mosquitoes and other pesky pests. Within every department, excellence is the standard.

Westerville operates under a City Council/Manager form of government. The City Manager is responsible for the day to day management of Westerville and its ten departments: Electric, Finance, Fire, Police, Information Systems, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Development, Public Service and Water, and the City Manager's office.

Westerville's efficient use of revenues and resources has allowed city leaders to also invest in city infrastructure. Westerville has invested more than $100 million during the past decade for new roads, parks, water and sewer improvements, and other infrastructure capital.

Look for detailed information on the financial strength of the City under the Finance Department or learn about what it takes to run the computer backbone of City operations under the Information Systems Department. Find answers to trash and snow removal, leaf collection and street sweeping schedules, and animal protection and more under the Public Services Department. Or, look under the Planning and Development Department for information about zoning and sign permits, building inspections, building permits and land use patterns throughout the city.