2017 Proclamations

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 Parks and Recreation Month

To proclaim the month of July 2017 as

Parks and Recreation Month and encourage 

all citizens of Westerville to celebrate with citizens 

of other communities throughout the nation by recognizing

that parks and recreation services are essential to the quality

of life, not only in July, but all through the year.  


Flag Day

To proclaim June 14, 2017 as Flag Day 

in Westerville and urge all residents to observe

Flag Day by flying the Stars and Stripes from their

homes and other suitable places and to celebrate

our heritage in public gatherings and activities and 

to publicly recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

of the United States of America. 


 Don Barlow Proclamation

To recognize Westerville Public Library 

Executive Director Don Barlow for his many 

years of service throughout the City of Westerville

and express sincere appreciation for his outstanding

leadership and dedication to our community and extend our best wishes for many years of happiness in the future.


 National Public Works Week

To proclaim May 21-27, 2017 as National

Public Works Week in Westerville and urge

all residents to recognize the contributions

which public works officials make every day 

to our health, safety, comfort, and quality of life.


PTSD Awareness Month

To proclaim June 2017 as PTSD 

Awareness Month in Westerville to 

raise awareness about PTSD and provide

resources to help educate individuals, families,

professionals, policy makers, and communities 

about the significant impact PTSD has on men,

women and children and to provide support to

those suffering with PTSD. 


 Poppy Day

To proclaim May 26, 2017 as Poppy

Day in Westerville and ask all citizens

pay tribute to those who have made the 

ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom

by wearing the Memorial Poppy on this day.


National Wetlands Month

To proclaim May 2017 as National 

Wetlands Month and call upon all 

citizens of Westerville to aid in the

continuing efforts to preserve our

valuable wetland resources.  

National Wetlands Month 

 National Mental Health Month

To proclaim May 2017 as National Mental

Health Month in Westerville and urge all 

residents to support Concord Counseling 

Services and the service they provide to all 

citizens in Westerville.


 Honoring Our Heroes Weekend

To proclaim May 26, 2017 through May 29, 

2017 as Honoring Our Heroes Weekend in

Westerville and recognize this weekend as an 

opportunity for us all to come together as a 

community to remember, to honor, and to heal.


 Emergency Medical Services Week

To proclaim the week of May 21 through May 27,

2017 as National Emergency Medical Services Week in

Westerville with the theme, "EMS: Strong: Always in Service"

and to encourage the community to observe this week with

appropriate programs, ceremonies and activities.


 Economic Development Week

To proclaim May 8 through May 13, 2017 

as Economic Development Week in Westerville

and urge all residents to recognize the importance 

of this profession in creating investment opportunities

and improving quality of life.  


Westerflora 2017

To proclaim the WesterFlora 2017 Season

is open.  To encourage all residents to support 

the spirit of WesterFlora and the Westerville Garden 

Club's efforts to beautify Westerville.  And through their 

efforts we can all look forward to the 26th Annual WesterFlora

2017 Garden Tour on Sunday, July 16, 2017.  


National Garden Week

To proclaim June 4, 2017 through June 10, 2017

as National Garden Week in Westerville and urge all 

residents to acknowledge the importance of Gardening

and the numerous contributions of Gardeners.

National Garden Week 

 National Police Week 

To proclaim May 8 through May 15, 2017 as National

Police Week in Westerville and to ask that all residents

and businesses "Light Central Ohio Blue" by placing blue 

bulbs in exterior lights and displaying visible blue ribbons during 

Police Memorial Week.  To further call upon all citizens to observe

May 15, 2017 as Peace Officers' Memorial Day in honor of those

law enforcement officers who, through their courageous deeds, have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their community or have become disabled in the performance of duty, and let us recognize and pay respect to the survivors of our fallen heroes.  


 Older Americans Month

To proclaim May 2017 as National Older 

Americans Month and urge every citizen of 

Westerville to join in this observance in honoring 

the life-long contributions of our older residents; and 

to assist our senior citizens to continue their involvement 

in the community, recognizing the vital resources our senior

citizens provide.


National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

To proclaim May 2017 as National Physical Fitness

and Sports Month and encourage all to celebrate by

participating in their choices of quality of life activities,

options and experiences as well as maintaining these healthy

and happy activities and attitudes throughout the year 


 National Bike Month

To proclaim the month of May 2017 as National 

Bike Month in Westerville.  National Bike Month is

a time when we can do something special to direct 

deserved national attention to the benefits of physical

activity.  Millions of Americans will experience the joys

of bicycling the month of May through educational programs,

commuting events, trail work days, helmet promotions, and 

charity rides.


 A Day of Prayer in Recognition of National Day of Prayer

and the WARM Community Prayer Breakfast

To proclaim Thursday, May 4, 2017 as a Day of Prayer in Recognition of National Day of Prayer and the WARM Community Prayer Breakfast in Westerville and recognize the Westerville Area Resource Ministry for their dedication of providing a valuable service to the residents of Westerville.


Michael Hooper Day

To proclaim Monday, April 24, 2017 as Michael 

Hooper Day in Westerville and urge all citizens to 

join me in extending to Michael Hooper our deep

appreciation for his distinguished service and our

best wishes for a long and happy retirement. 

Michael Hooper 

 Arbor Day

To proclaim Friday, April 28, 2017 as Arbor Day in

commemoration of the 145th anniversary of Arbor Day

and do hereby urge all citizens of the City of Westerville

to support the Westerville Shade Tree Commission's

efforts to beautify our community and commend their

efforts to promote the planting of trees in accordance

with the City Tree Master Plan.


 National Telecommunications Week

To proclaim the week of April 9 through April 15, 2017

as National Telecommunications Week in Westerville, in honor

of the men and women whose diligence and professionalism

keep our city and citizens safe.


National Library Week

To proclaim the week of April 9 through April 15, 2017 

as National Library Week in Westerville and encourage

all people to take advantage of the wonderful library resources 

available at our community's indispensable center for ideas and information, the Westerville Public Library.


Celebration of the Arts Month

To proclaim that the month of April 2017 be referred to

as Celebration of the Arts Month in Westerville and declare

Westerville as an arts-friendly community of educators, learners,

and practitioners and sets aside the month of April annually for the

recognition and celebration of the Arts.


National Volunteer Week

To proclaim the week of April 23 through April 29, 2017 

as National Volunteer Week in Westerville and urge all

citizens to be aware of the contributions made by our

service organizations and volunteer workers.  



National Autism Awareness Month

To proclaim April 2017 as National Autism Awareness Month in

Westerville and to raise public awareness of autism as well as to 

increase knowledge of the programs that have been and are being 

developed to support individuals with autism and their families.  



National Engineers Week 

To proclaim February 19, 2017 through February 25, 2017 as 

National Engineers Week in Westerville, in order to give all citizens the opportunity to recognize the contributions made by the engineering profession, and hereby urge all citizens to join in tribute and recognition

to the Westerville community residents who are members of this worthy profession.


 Westerville Garden Club 70th Anniversary

To proclaim 2017 as the Year of the Westerville Garden Club

in recognition of their 70th Anniversary and encourage all residents

to support the Westerville Garden Club's efforts to beautify the City of Westerville


Clergy Appreciation Week

To proclaim January 29, 2017 through February 4, 2017 as

Clergy Appreciation Week and encourage the citizens of Westerville,

Ohio to show their appreciation and support for the clergy whose efforts

make this community a better place in which to live. 


 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

To proclaim Monday, January 16, 2017 as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day throughout the City of Westerville and urge all citizens to rededicate themselves to the principle of justice and equality for all.