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Volunteering has a huge impact on a community. It allows a person to connect with their community and help to make it a better place for everyone. However, volunteering is so much more; it benefits the volunteer as much as the cause they choose to help. Learn about the many ways to get involved and volunteer with the City of Westerville below. 




Parks & Recreation Department
The Westerville Parks & Recreation Department volunteer program, Volunteers In Service In Our Neighborhoods (V.I.S.I.O.N.) goal is to get citizens involved in giving back to the community through volunteer service with the Parks & Recreation Department. Each year the Department utilized the services of hundreds of volunteers that contribute over 8,000 hours of service annually. Westerville Parks and Recreation continues to benefit from the skills, talents and dedication of the V.I.S.I.O.N. Volunteers.
 Police Logo Westerville Division of Police
The Citizen Police Academy is an extension of the Division’s community education efforts. The purpose of the academy is to increase citizen awareness of the day-to-day operation of the Police Division by educating them on topics relative to the role of the police officer in our community. The academy is not intended to make citizens into police officers, but to allow citizens to learn more about police operations. Each free, 11-session class consists of approximately 40 students. Twenty-nine classes have successfully completed the academy since its creation in 1999. 
Westerville Fire Division
Annually, the Citizen's Fire Academy is offered to all Westerville and Blendon Township residents. This academy is a free, 12-week program that takes participants through basic training scenarios in firefighting and EMS. Graduates will earn certification in first aid and CPR and are invited to join the Citizen’s Auxiliary Resource Team, a group of volunteers that assists the Fire Division with numerous community events during the year.
 Westerville Logo

City of Westerville
The Westerville Citizen's Academy (WCA) is based on the popular Westerville academy programs from the Westerville Divisions of Police and Fire and gives residents an opportunity to interact with City departments, staff and services. WCA is an eight-week program in which participants take part in a three hour class one night a week during the term of the course. Each week is focused on interactive features, such as exploring equipment, facility tours, demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Boards and Commissions
Interested in being on a Board or Commission? Boards and Commissions play a vital role in Westerville's local government by evaluating matters of special interest and when appropriate, making recommendations to City Council. All Boards and Commissions meetings are open to the public.