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A stroll around town easily illustrates Westerville’s commitment to quality education on all levels. The Westerville School District maintains more than twenty schools, including three high schools and three specialized curriculum K-5 schools for the Arts, Global Studies and Math/Science. Be it in the classroom with multiple National Merit Scholars annually, or on the field with state championships, excellence is the expectation not the goal.

Otterbein College, a community and cultural staple since 1847, is annually rated as one of the premier liberal Westerville Schoolsarts colleges in the country. Boasting 3,000 students from 30 states and more than 30 foreign countries, Otterbein offers more than 50 Baccalaureate and Master level majors. Always a trendsetter, Otterbein was the first institution of higher learning in the United States to admit women without restrictions, the first to include women on its faculty, and one of the first to admit students of color. Aside from Otterbein, there are a dozen other colleges and universities in Central Ohio, providing a first-rate workforce for Westerville businesses.

Westerville offers other learning opportunities for those who want to continue their education but not necessarily in a formal environment. The Westerville Library was recently rated as the best library of its size in the United States, boasting 300,000+ resources and serving more than 65,000 cardholders. The Westerville Parks & Recreation Department is also one of the largest continuing education entities in central Ohio, offering a vast array of learning opportunities outside the classroom.

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