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History of Westerville Alleys

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The first plat map of the City created in 1856 showed the names of all public streets, but alleys were unnamed. An updated edition of the plat map from 1872 again showed the names of all public streets, but only one alley was named: North.

Alley names did not appear in Council legislation until 1966. The first ordinance adopted by Council to vacate an alley was passed on May 5, 1905, but the alley was reference by metes and bounds description, not a name. The only other reference to an alley by name prior to 1966 was the February 17, 1942 vacation of Davis Alley by Council ordinance. Davis was named on the Valentine Addition Plat created in January 1911. There have since been 59 ordinances adopted vacating alleys. The latest was March 1, 2005.

There are no Council records of any ordinance, resolution or motion authorizing the naming of alleys, nor are there any records in the Local History section of Westerville Public Library or the Westerville Historical Society to this effect.

Since alley names did not appear in Council legislation before 1966, it is believed the naming convention is related to the 100th anniversary of the City in 1958, the 100th anniversary of the start of the Civil War in 1960, and/or the event of the Village of Westerville becoming the City of Westerville in 1964.

Exhibit A – Table of Alley Names
Exhibit B – Alley Map