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Boards and Commissions play a vital role in Westerville's local government by evaluating matters of special interest and when appropriate, making recommendations to City Council. All Boards and Commissions meetings are open to the public. For general information about Boards or Commissions openings call the Clerk of Council, 614-901-6410.


Effective December 31, 2014, the City of Westerville will have vacancies on the following Board and Commissions: 

Planning Commission       Two vacancies, 4 year term
Board of Zoning Appeals     One vacancy, 4 year term 
Recreation Advisory Board      Three vacancies, 3 year term
Uptown Review Board  Two vacancies, 3 year term 
Personnel Review Board  One vacancy, 3 year term
Income Tax Review Board  One vacancy, 3 year term
Shade Tree Commission  Three vacancies, 3 year term
Visitors and Convention Bureau     One Vacancy, Unexpired Term

The qualifications for serving on Municipal Boards and Commissions are:

Any person who serves on any municipal board or commission of the City, established or created by the City Charter, City Code or the general laws of the State, shall be a resident of the City (residing within the corporate  limits of the City of Westerville) for six (6) months, shall be a registered elector, and shall not hold any public office or serve on any other board or commission of the City or any other position in the City, except where provided herein or by the general laws of the State.

Applications are available by calling Mary Johnston, MMC, Clerk of Council at 901-6410 or email at  Applications are also available on the City's website.  Applications must be received in the office of the Clerk of Council at 21 S. State Street by Friday, October 17, 2014. 

Board and Commission Handbook

Effective January 1, 2014

Planning Commission


David Berger      December 31, 2016
Dave Samuelson      December 31, 2016
Paul Johnson      December 31, 2017
Gerald Domanik  December 31, 2014
Amy Koorn  December 31, 2014
Brian Szuch  December 31, 2015
Michael Heyeck, Council Rep.   November 30, 2015

Board of Zoning Appeals             


Robert Cowee  December 31, 2016
Matt Koppitch  December 31, 2016
Christopher Young          December 31, 2017
Kelly Lockwood  December 31, 2017
Sandy Lynskey  December 31, 2014
Rob Rishel  December 31, 2015
Steven Munger  December 31, 2015
Uptown Review Board
Ralph Denick    December 31, 2015
Gregory Madsen  December 31, 2015
Matthew Whitehead  December 31, 2015
Dennis Blair  December 31, 2016
Del Robeson  December 31, 2016
Mary Lou Prouty  December 31, 2014
Jeffrey Reschke  December 31, 2014
Income Tax Board of Review        Term 
Lavonne Bailey  December 31, 2015
Carol Mahaffey, Alternate  December 31, 2016
Scott Pryfogle  December 31, 2016
Phil Kraker  December 31, 2014
Personnel Review Board            


Susan Collins  December 31, 2015
Leanne Colton  December 31, 2016
Josh Orlandi  December 31, 2014
Recreation Advisory Board       


William Zieber  December 31, 2015
Ron McCrea  December 31, 2015
Kacy Walko  December 31, 2015
Howard Baum  December 31, 2016
Siobhan Blake  December 31, 2016
Christopher Cox  December 31, 2014
Jim McCann  December 31, 2014
John Shinnock  December 31, 2014
 Ed Bannen      December 31, 2014
 Patrick Hickman      December 31, 2014
 L. Pete Otteson, Council Rep.  November 30, 2015
Shade Tree Commission             


Connie Sadowski  December 31, 2015 
Derek Blazo  December 31, 2015
Jennifer Finfera  December 31, 2016
Kathy Spatz  December 31, 2016
Amber Aimar  December 31, 2014
Erin Biehl  December 31, 2014
Dave Bergman  December 31, 2014
Visitors & Convention Bureau   


Allen Jefferson Fox  December 31, 2015
Vacancy       December 31, 2016
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